Stay compliant with as few resources as possible

What is GDPR?

The GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, aims at strengthening and harmonizing personal data protection in the processing of personal data in the EU. The Personal Data Regulation will enter into force on 25. May 2018, and will be included in the EU’s own legislation in this area. The regulation also applies to companies based outside the European Union if they treat personal data about EU citizens.

Company obligations

  • accountability
  • Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Privacy by design and default
  • Data Protection Officer
  • High fines

GDPR solutions

We help your business comply with the Personal Data Regulation based on applicable EU legal requirements. Get an overview through a number of customized workshops within the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our GDPR consultants are certified and they guide, facilitate, and provide you with the necessary tools so you are compliant. We work with legal requirements in a tangible and practical way, so you easily understand what it takes to implement GDPR in your business. In addition, you will be guided in how your business procedures and procedures should and can support the different principles, so you are and remain GDPR compliant.

Our products

  • The small GDPR implementation for small businesses
  • Standard GDPR implementation for medium-sized businesses
  • The big GDPR implementation for larger companies
  • GDPR check – how far is it to be compliant?
  • Analysis of overall business processes
  • GDPR Impact Assessment – DPIA
  • GDPR Implementation Tool
  • GDPR remains compliant tool

Achieved value

  • Adhere to legal requirements
  • Get an overview
  • Get mapped risks
  • Get documented data streams
  • Process optimization
  • Stay compliant

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