Consultant resources that relieve create structure and momentum

We specialize in providing technical junior consultants and management junior consultants in project work. If you need additional resources to help, the majority of our junior consultants are certified. Our consultants are excellent at documenting the processes so you experience creating fast value shortly and providing an additional buffer at peak times.

Additional resources can help your business within a wide range of service areas within industries like Pharma, Finance, Bank, Insurance, IT, and Energy. We offer both part-time project assistance and full-time project assistance within project coordinators, junior project managers, GDPR certified junior consultants, junior developers and testers in software and IT.

Project assistance helps with:

  • Follow-up and collection of status from project participant
  • Update and follow-up on project economics
  • Booke meeting participants and meetings
  • Prepare presentations
  • Testing solutions
  • Follow-up on administrative tasks
  • Document the project’s progress from start to finish

Our younger consultants are characterized by their sharp and sharp academic background.

Achieved value

  • Relief of project managers
  • More structure in the projects
  • Ongoing follow-up on budgets, project assignments, communication etc.
  • Current value at a low price level

The customer should not invest in training the consultant in the form of courses, education and the like, as Consultlocus is training and is where the consultant is based. Consultants listen enthusiastically to the customer, are humble, are self-driving and burn to make a difference.

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