We strive to create added value for our clients

As a supplier to private companies and public customers, we offer your company competent and certified consulting resources. Flexible part-time and full-time project assistance, management consultants, and specialised consultants delivering outstanding results focusing on strategy, compliance, transformation, implementation and verification within different industries.

      Management Consulting                   Project Assistance                             Compliance                                                                    

Why Consultlocus?

  • Certified consultants
  • Contract-based employment periods that supports your needs
  • Continuing educational training of consultants in the Consultlocus Talent Program
  • Flexible resourcers
  • More Structure in the projects
  • Relieve to the project manager and / or the team
  • Excellent value

Our consultancy services are designed to identify customers’ specific needs and requests. The different resources can be adjusted to the company’s actual and complex issues. We make sure to deliver the best resources as requested. All our consultants are continuously continuing their education, where they are specialised and certified within project management and the relevant service areas.