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The consultant has successfully utilized the chosen processes and methods in managing the project. The consultant has shown maturity and achieved implementing the necessary changes such as sharpening the test management processes and validation

Head of Project Delivery at Siemens

As a consultant within the Access Rights Management system for a lager banking corporation, the consultant assisted internally with the establishment of processes, planning strategies and innovative solutions to help grow and optimize the firm’s internal capabilities. Responsibilities ranged from business development, analytics and project coordination

Regional Manager at Nordea


Project Management at LeoPharma

Title     Project Manager

Client   LeoPharma

As striving to improve people’ lives through developing care solutions. Our consultant shared her journey at a larger pharmaceutical company within the global IT department. In her role as a project manager, the consultant is leading the team to transform the processes and new programs to keep up with an ever-changing environment within the pharmaceutical industry.

Consultant tasks

“As a project manager, I do a lot of electronic documentation, program tasks, stakeholder management and engagement, strategy work and daily project management tasks. I also work with onboarding and offboarding”. 

– Project Manager

As a consultant, there is an opportunity to take on several roles. For example as a project manager for the Global IT team, but also as a cut-over manager on another project. The consultant is involved in the transformation phase, and also involved within the risk management program.

A consultant who brings structure to the team

“I’m capable of delivering and upholding to what I sought out to do. I approach many of my tasks with a critical and analytical mind-set, in order to comprehend and ask questions about how it was previously done, and how it can be optimized when moving forward. I feel like every team member contributes with something unique. For me, I’m very structured with the way I carry out all my activities, take responsibility for the task given, and while being engaged right there and then”. 

– Project Manager

Project Assistance at Nordea

Title     Project Assistant

Client   Nordea

In her role as an IT Project Assistant for a larger financial banking corporation, the consultant was part of the company’s journey to transform and optimize the Access Rights Management system in alignment with the company’s objective – to serve personal and corporate customers more efficiently.

Consultant tasks

My goal was to deliver excellent results, that would go well beyond managers’ expectations. In order to deliver end-results in a timely manner, which could contribute to the project objectives. On a daily basis, I worked with IT and the technical activities, in which I facilitated and coordinated specific project tasks while preparing analysis and documentation for process optimization. In addition to this, I was also responsible for ensuring high-quality deliverables within the specified timeframe”.

– IT Project Assistant

As a consultant within the Access Rights Management system for a larger banking corporation, the consultant assisted internally with the establishment of process optimization, planning strategies, and innovative solutions to help grow and optimize the firm’s internal capabilities. Responsibilities ranged from business development, analytics, and project coordination.

A consultant who builds bridges across the team

“I deliver results in a timely and efficient manner, where I can keep the bigger picture in mind. Throughout my experiences and responsibilities in this project, I’ve been capable of building a bridge from IT to something much more tangible and simple, which both managers, the team, and the client can benefit from “.

– IT Project Assistant

Junior Consultant at NNIT

Title      Junior Consultant

Client   NNIT

In the role as a Junior Consultant for a greater Consultancy specialized in IT development, implementation, and operations, the consultant has also worked as an IT supporter.

Consultants tasks

”I have been part of further developing an IT system. My goal was to support and give guidance as an IT supporter. In this role, I have been giving service support, when the client needed it. It has been supporting such as data configuration or manually having to enter or fix something in a database”

– Junior Consultant as an IT supporter

As a Consultant the person has been part of further developing an IT system for one of NNIT’s clients. The consultant has been available when the client needed IT support and guidance.

A consultant who brings efficiency and value to the team and Client

“I deliver tasks timely and effectively. I am capable of fixing and giving support to the client when needed, and that has been of great value”.

– Junior Consultant as an IT supporter

Compliance Consultant at Siemens

Title     Compliance Consultant

Client   Siemens

The client is a larger company providing home appliances. The goal is to secure the future expectations through the implementation of technologies. 

Consultant tasks

”It is about compliance and information security. I make sure to go through and document the processes with the client in order to figure out how they are compliant, and how this can be improved best”.

– Compliance Consultant

In this role, the consultant has examined data protection of personal data, and to what extent the company is living up to the compliant and security measures set forth.

A consultant who brings optimization to the Client

It gives much value to the client since it is about how to best improve and optimize, how the company is compliant. While also deal with something like regulation of personal data, but also about the company’s information security. I have been part of developing the concept, like how to approach the task, and how to go through the systems in order to optimize the internal procedures. This is part of creating a good flow of data, and I think this creates the value that the client wanted”.

– Compliance Consultant

Test Coordinator at Region Hovedstaden

Title     Test Coordinator

Client   Region Hovedstaden

Region Hovedstaden is client which is a larger company, that makes sure to lead hospitals, environmental tasks, and social offers. While also a collaboration with municipalities and industry. The project was about applications and test of systems.

Consultant taks

”I have been responsible for partial reporting of progress and status of the track. I have had tasks within project planning, resource planning, coordination of tests between users and developers, as well as follow-ups on tasks. Along the way, I helped to review and document processes with the customer and I had a continuous dialogue with users and management”.

– Test Coordinator

In the role as a Coordinator, the consultant has been responsible for progress and status of the track. The consultant has also functioned in the role as a Test Coordinator on the project, and coordination of test with the users.

A consultant who facilitates coordination processes in the project

“I have a good understanding of a project and its program life cycle, which has created a good foundation for managing a test team and coordinating among each other. During the process, I have been able to report the test progress and make sure everything has been documented. In addition, I have given status reports and relieved the project manager along the way. This has saved time for the project manager. At the same time, I have given guidance along the way when the team has been testing. This has meant that the project has been tested to satisfaction, and it helped create an increased value for the client. “

– Test Coordinator

GDPR Consultant at Small-to-Medium Companies

Title     GDPR Consultant

Client  Small-to-Medium sized companies

We deliver GDPR consultant services to small and medium-sized businesses. We make sure our clients live up to the EU standards and compliance law in an effective way.

Consultant tasks

”I facilitate and help out with this compliance process for the various clients. I make sure to have a good understanding of the client’s business processes, and where in the organisation data is collected and processed. The first phase serves to uncover where personal and sensitive data is present. The second phase is more about how the company can become compliant. We have developed a GDPR framework and tool, that our clients can utilize to get a great overview, and which lives up to the various EU laws. This software gives companies the opportunity to know who has access to what, the various procedures, and the various security measures”.

– GDPR Consultant

As a GDPR Consultant, the person has helped multiple companies to live up to the certain regulatory standards based on the current EU law. Through tailored GDPR themed workshops we create simplicity for the clients.

A consultant who provides compliance processes to the Client

“I have a good understanding of project planning and how a company can become compliant, which has created a solid foundation to help small to medium-sized business be compliant. I have during the process facilitated various workshops broken into different GDPR themes. In addition, the entire process has from the beginning to the end been documented. Our clients experience support and a relieve of administrative duties, and that saves time, while also being coached and guided throughout the entire GDPR process. Our clients not only achieve how to be compliant but also how to optimize their business processes. That means they are capable of streamlining their workflows and processes.

That they are extremely happy about!” 

– GDPR Consultant

GDPR + Compliance Consultant at Small-to-Medium Companies

Title     GDPR Consultant

Client  Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Our consultant has been part of developing the GDPR and compliance framework. That means that we deliver consultancy services for small to medium-sized businesses within GDPR, compliance, documentation of processes and optimization. We make sure that the company becomes compliant with as few resources as possible.

Consultant taks

”I have been part of developing the concept. I also help out daily with how our clients can make sure the company procedures are compliant in regards to GDPR, but also about optimization of internal systems. I make sure to map the various business processes, and how their dataflow works, whom processes this. It can feel a bit heavy to get through, but it is also really exciting. I am capable of creating a success for the client, but also together with the client make sure this is long-term for all processes, not just to comply with the current regulations. We make sure as consultants to create an environment that creates long-term value. For this, we work with risk analysis on some of these workshops we facilitate, and then there is also the educational component of current employees”.

– GDPR Consultant

As a GDPR and compliance Consultant, the person has helped a few clients with process planning, optimization, and how the organization can live up to the GDPR standards. Simplicity is created through tailored themed workshops, and that creates great value.

A consultant who brings GDPR optimization to the client

It is a lot about GDPR compliance, like developing the framework, and what kind of material the customers should not have. The last is a lot about execution and what the company is going to do. We make sure the employees lean and are comfortable with this change within the organization. I think it is special that we get the company easily through this process, so more simple and more effective. We create value and meaning for the client, and there are much optimization and savings in this process”.

– GDPR Consultant