Agile Change suite

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Change – Agile execution

Enterprise success becomes reality when all people, resources, business capabilities, and work are delivering on your strategy. Changelocus work and resource management solutions break down silos, integrate portfolios, and provide executive level visibility into how it’s all coming together. No matter how your teams work – milestone driven projects, Lean-Agile or unstructured collaborative work.

The Changelocus solution for Lean and Agile delivery enables software development, DevOps, IT operations, and product engineering teams to apply Lean-Agile practices to continuously improve the flow of work, helping them work smarter and deliver faster.

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Agile Strategic

Drive strategy from the products, applications, and services you deliver

Build roadmaps that connect strategy to the investments and outcomes that drive transformation and execution. With an enterprise roadmap, lead transformational change, measure progress, understand impacts from decisions and adjust dynamically.


Agile Portfolio

Prioritize initiatives to achieve your business strategy

Centralize demand intake and optimize the portfolio and resource capacity to deliver your organization’s strategic initiatives.

Optimize your resource capacity and improve utilization. Changelocus’ IT project portfolio management software delivers a combined view to balance demand and capacity across resource groups, roles, and named resources.

Agile Program

Deliver programs that drive innovation and transformational change

Use program management and roadmapping to define top-down timeframes and financials, then adjust based on bottom-up project forecasts and actuals.

Plan, manage, and deliver all types of work – traditional, iterative, agile, and collaborative. Changelocus’ IT project portfolio management software provides a comprehensive approach across project schedules, work collaboration, milestones, backlog, and resources to manage performance and ensure on-time delivery.


Agile Team lead

Realize Agile-at-scale

Connect work delivery, lean portfolio management, and strategic planning to deliver larger initiatives faster and more successfully. Apply enterprise scaling agile frameworks, such as SAFe or others, to accelerate delivery.

Coordinate across teams and plan incrementally with multiple, interconnected Kanban boards that visualize features, milestones, and dependencies. Connect teams working in a mix of agile tools and configurations for cross-team planning and collaboration.

Agile Team

Collaboration and team commitment

Gives transparency to the team and rest of the organization and visualize features, milestones, and dependencies. Fooster bigger commitment and collaboration in team.



Changelocus is a cloud-based subscription service that brings together the best tools for the modern workplace

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