Welcome to our new office

Welcoming clients, customers, consultants, partners and employees!

Consultlocus A/S is a consultancy in rapid change. The last two or three years we have experienced a high demand for consulting services, and in order to keep up we are opening up our new office. Consultlocus will no longer be vacant in Hellerup, but have made the move to our new office space at Charlottenlund Castle.

In the last of couple of years, we have experienced rapid growth, much higher demand from our clients and customers, and we thought it was necessary to make the move to a new home. We are proud to be able to relocate to Charlottenlund Castle. It is great to be part of the historical and cultural heritage here in Charlottenlund.

Charlottenlund Palace offers many great opportunities for us. We are very excited to see where 2018 will take us, and we are looking forward to the upcoming year.

It all starts with a dream … successful change to a higher level of security

Consultlocus is a security company that helps companies create a cyber-minded culture and become stronger, faster and more resilient to persistent and ever-changing cyber threats.

We help companies achieve what they dream of within Security, Compliance and Execution of Change.

Consultlocus was founded in 2005 as a small independent consulting firm, which has since evolved into an established company focused on helping businesses create added value with as few resources as possible.

In order to create visible and long-lasting value for our clients, we ensure that our consultants meet the expectations of using agile methods, focusing on flexibility, frequent testing, targeting and continued priority towards the expected benefits that will create the most value for our clients’ business.

This Is What Makes Us Different

At Consultlocus we focus on strategy, profitability and innovation as success drivers.

We are innovative individuals who challenge established truths and try the unknown. Showing enthusiasm in the work we carry out, while complete projects with an eye on the detail. We show respect for the company, its employees, and other actors involved. We take great pride in helping others succeed. We appreciate our surroundings and the relationship with others. Most of all we execute efficiently, in a timely manner, and show a visible value for the customer or the client.

Consultlocus people are characterised by a personal drive to contribute to the team, meet objectives at hand, and constantly improve their competences. Consultlocus always aspires to create the conditions for development and positive change for the client by finding viable, solid and excellent solutions.

Consultants at Consultlocus are sharp, competent individuals with a high academic background. Our experience and knowledge makes us specialists, facilitators, and experts within fields such as pharma, finance, bank, energy,  IT and Technology. Our consultants are certified and regularly participate in courses for further education and thus achieve applicable skills. We can handle many different tasks. We are adaptable to the needs of each customer and or client.