We operate in the intersection between technology, processes, and resources, where we see a need for excellent project management along with consultancy services as many companies still experience organisational changes. In light of this development, Consultlocus was founded in 2005 as a small independent consultancy that since has evolved into an established firm connecting business, people and technology. Today, Consultlocus supplies consultant services to a wide range of complex projects, where we are successful in matching the right profiles to our clients’ specific needs.

In order to create visible and long-lasting value for our clients, we ensure that our consultants meet the expectations of using agile methods, focusing on flexibility, frequent testing, targeting and continued priority towards the expected benefits that will create the most value for our clients’ business

The consultant is sharing relevant information, communicaton to interfaces, ensuring alignment in the responsibility areas.

Project Coordinator at Nordea

The consultant has delivered excellent results as a manager and leader on this project. The consultant has managed to demonstrated his tactical understanding and ability to get the most out of unclear and conflicting clauses. In this context, extensive change management has been necessary, and the consultant has fully mastered the process with a disciplined approach.

Head of Project Delivery at Siemens

As a consultant within the Access Rights Management system for a larger banking corporation, the consultant assisted internally with the establishment of processes, planning strategies, and innovative solutions to help grow and optimize the firm’s internal capabilities. Responsibilities ranged from business development, analytics, and project coordination.

Regional Manager at Nordea

The consultant has succesfully utilized the chosen processes and methods in managing the project. The consultant has shown maturity and achieved implementing the neccesary changes such as sharpening the test management processes and validation.

Sales Director at Siemens