A new system often leads to a need for new process which makes it relevant to introduce a change from the old way of doing things to the new way of doing things.

Change in many ways lays the tracks for strategy to roll out on, so aligning change with strategy is a powerful means for gaining competitive advantage and sector leadership. We see change as the critical foundation which shapes the way that the work of the organization gets done (established through goals, plans, measures, rewards) and the infrastructure (systems, process and structures) gets utilized.

We have deep understanding about how culture operates. Change is complex work that we are able to help you succeed with.

Our definition

Six Step Model of Change – Mabey, 2003

1. Establish a sense of Urgency

2. Creating a guiding coalition

3. Develop a vision and a strategy

4. Address cultural issues

5. Manage the transition

6. Sustain momentum

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