The field of power and gas is becoming more challenging. Companies in this sector have to cope with a consolidating competitive environment, demand for heavy investment in generation and grid, new regulatory developments and more sophisticated customers, to name just a few.

Industrial clients of power and gas companies need to evaluate new sourcing strategies to optimize their costs and their risk position in energy supply. Regulators must simulate market conditions but make sure that these companies continue investing in the future.

The need for individual solutions is acute: Power and gas companies have very specific structures, the markets are constantly changing and the players are realigning their competitive positioning. At the same time, companies must deliver shareholder value, be socially responsible and create or maintain their competitive advantages.

Helping our clients tackle all these challenges is our mission. We also serve industrial clients that depend on power and gas. Volatile prices mean they face massive uncertainty regarding their cost position.

With all our clients, we share the belief that knowledge of the industry, functional expertise and a local “feel” for the situation must be combined to produce the best results possible.

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