What we do


Consultlocus delivers competent and professional consultant ressources that serve to reach your business’ objectives. For any project to be succesful it requires the right tailoring of knowledge, expertise and experience to suit the given situation. We provide tailor-made solutions based best practice techniques that will lead to your desired results.

Over time we have worked closely with a wide range of clients from different regions across the public and private sector as well as local and national governments. To get more insight, you can read about some of our cases if you click here or see an overview of some of our current and previous clients if you click here.

Industries we operate in             Do you experience any challenges?

  • Pharma
  • Finance
  • Municipality
  • Public
  • Tele communication
  • Industry and Trade
  • IT

If you experience urgent challenges such as the need for new strategic initiatives, complex implementations or the need for change, contact the us. Our strength is sustainable and quickly delivered solutions to complex challenges.

We look forward to hear from you.

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Consultlocus A/S
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Email: info@consultlocus.com
Phone number: + 45 39294900