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Innovation Strategy

Innovation and subsequent implementation of change within the organization is one of the biggest challenges, but also an exciting opportunity. Innovation requires that you step out of the current contextual framework and into a new paradigm that is not easily visible from the current position.

In the new Danes are we talking about “Stretch your comfort zone.”

We use a combination of workshops that will help move your organization out of his passivity and into a little more uncomfortable zone that is more conducive to innovative ideas to flourish.

Business Plans

We help you to diversify your revenue streams and manage business risks by identifying new market opportunities for you based on your organization’s capabilities and resources. We help you to draw up detailed plans for new projects and assess their feasibility, with special focus on implementation planning.

growth strategy

Our growth strategy practice will help you to draw up the vision and define a strategic direction for your organization. We help you to develop a strategy for growth to take advantage of market opportunities by leveraging on your existing capabilities, or recommending new competencies that you need to build.

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