Strategic Project Office


A Strategic Project Office gives your organization a portfolio of priority projects with a clear view of the overall status of the portfolio of projects. Along with your business, we will identify the strategic projects and together define the structure of Strategic Project Office. We make the dream of a Strategic Project Office possible and thanks to our experience this can be achieved within a short time.

Our definition

A Strategic Project Office can activate a portfolio management culture for the selection, supervision and implementation of the projects. Furthermore, it can be used to optimize project investments and ensure that projects are aligned with organizational strategic goals.

Strategic Project Office is an organizational unit that is responsible for mapping project strategy and monitoring of projects, and monitoring of portfolios to ensure that they can continue to take strategic initiatives, particularly as these initiatives may change over time. It serves as the critical link between executive vision and work of the company.

Features of project management: project support, select and support of project management, selection of software tools, implementation and maintenance project management processes, standards and methods, providing project management training, providing project management advice and guidance, management and development of project managers. The selection process of the strategic projects involves identifying opportunities, assessing organizational risks, analyze the costs, benefits and risks. Furthermore, it involves developing and selecting a portfolio.

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