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Strategy management includes supporting the company’s strategy development, as well as contributing to the change that will pave the way for future results.



We adopt an agile approach to change management, ensuring continuous utilization of resources to achieve a desired business potential, while supporting employees in the transition process.



Execution Excellence

We ensure succesful execution synergy by combining strategy, ressources, and work processes in one excellent solution.



Digital technology is transforming the way we conduct business today. Consultlocus helps you combine digital technology options, ressources, structure and processes to create new business opportunities and, thus, a potential for more value addition.


Our consultants help with the identification, assessment and prioritization of risks. This is followed by a coordinated and economical application of resources that minimize, monitor, and control the impact of unfortunate events, while maximizing the realization of opportunities.


Every solution needs to be verified to ensure the best possible outcome. Consultlocus helps you with careful planning, clear definition of testing and a workable implementation, in order to form a secure basis for sustainable deliverables.

What our clients say about us

"The consultant is sharing relevant information, communicaton to interfaces, ensuring alignment in the responsibility areas".

Project Coordinator

( Nordea )

The consultant has delivered excellent results as a manager and leader on this project. The consultant has managed to demonstrated his tactical understanding and ability to get the most out of unclear and conflicting clauses. In this context, extensive change management has been necessary, and the consultant has fully mastered the process with a disciplined approach".

Contract Manager

( Head of Project Delivery, Mobility, Siemens A/S, 2012 )

"The consultant has succesfully utilized the chosen processes and methods in managing the project. The consultant has shown maturity and achieved implementing the neccesary changes such as sharpening the test management processes and validation".

Project Manager

( Sales Director at Siemens A/S, 2012. )